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Monthly Archives: June 2016

BIR taxpayers corruption

A BIR Revenue Examiner’s Confession – MUST READ

If you are a tax-paying citizen, you might have a story to tell with regards to your transaction with the BIR whether you are...
Etta Rosales CHR Chairman and Josa Bernadeth Pinol

JB Piñol’s Open Letter to CHR Chairman Etta Rosales – MUST READ

JB Piñol to Etta Rosales "MAYBE YOU DISLIKE DUTERTE FOR SHOWING THE UGLY TRUTH" By Josa Bernadette A. Piñol (Note: When I woke up this morning, I was...
Crispy Pata Recipe

Crispy Pata Recipe

One of the favorite Filipino dishes during fiestas is Crispy Pata. The leg, usually the front, is boiled and then deep fried. If you...
Pork Pata Hamonado Recipe

Pork Hamonado Recipe

Here is one favorite dish that is usually cooked during Christmas. This is the best substitute for Ham if you lack the time to...