Here is a new word riddle game for more fun and excitement called  “What Am I”. All you have to do is guess or answer the questions or riddles. You will be given a set of letters to form  a word or words for your answer. There are easy and difficult questions but when you encounter a difficult one and feel like quitting we are here to help you.

You will find below the answers to the questions for Level 1-100 below…

Level 1: I get wet when drying. I get dirty when wiping. What am I?
Answer: Towel

Level 2: I can be cracked, made, told, and played. What am I?
Answer: Joke

Level 3: I wiggled and cannot see, sometimes underground and sometimes on a tree. I really don’t want to be on a hook, and I become a person when combined with a book?
Answer: Worm

Level 4: I like to twirl my body but keep my head up high. After I go in, everything becomes tight. What am I?
Answer: Screw

Level 5: I am gentle enough to soothe your skin, light enough to fly in the sky, strong enough to crack rocks. What am I?
Answer: Water

Level 6: I can fly but have no wings. I can cry but I have no eyes. Wherever I go, darkness follows me. What am I?
Answer: Cloud

Level 7: Although I may have eyes I cannot see. I have a round brown face with lots of acne. What am I?
Answer: Potato

Level 8: I eat, I live. I breathe, I live. I drink, I die. What am I?
Answer: Fire

Level 9: I am a seed with three letters in my name. Take away the last two and I still sound the same. What am I?
Answer: Pea

Level 10: I am lighter than air but a hundred people cannot lift me. Careful, I am fragile. What am I?
Answer: Bubble

Level 11: Although glory but not at my best. Power will fall to me finally, when the man made me is dead. What am I?
Answer: Prince

Level 12: I am the type of room you can not enter or leave. Raise from the ground below, I could be poisonous or a delicious trea. What am I?
Answer: Mushroom

Level 13: The more you take of me, the more you leave behind. What am I?
Answer: Footstep

Level 14: I go up and never come down no matter how hard you wish. As I get higher, more wrinkles crawl on to the face. What am I?
Answer: Age

Level 15: I can be long or short. I can be grown or bought. I can be painted or left bare. My tip can be round or square. (one word) What am I?
Answer: Fingernails

Level 16: I have a neck and no head, two arms but no hands. I’m with you to school, I’m with you to work. What am I?
Answer: Shirt

Level 17: I shrink smaller every time I take a bath. What am I?
Answer: Soap

Level 18: I am heavy forward, but backward I’m not. What am I?
Answer: Ton

Level 19: I wear a green jacket on the outside, white jacket as a second layer, and a red jacket inside. I am pregnant with a lot of babies. What am I?
Answer: Watermelon

Level 20: I am good at concealing what’s real and hide what’s true. Sometime, I bring out the courage in you! What am I?
Answer: Makeup

Level 21: I have a face but no eyes, hands but no arms. What am I?
Answer: Clock

Level 22: With three eyes and a black as night, I frequently knock down ten men with a single strike! What am I?
Answer: Bowling ball

Level 23: I’m grown from darkness but shine with a pale light. Very round I am, and always a lady’s delight. What am I?
Answer: Pearl

Level 24: I am owned by every man, through my length differs. Their wives use me after getting married. What am I?
Answer: Lastname

Level 25: I’m white, perfect for cutting and grinding. For most animals I am a useful tool. What am I?
Answer: Teeth

Level 26: I am always around you but often forgotten. I am pure and clean most time, but occasionally rotten. What am I?
Answer: Air

Level 27: I am that only thing place today before yesterday. (one word) What am I?
Answer: Dictionary

Level 28: I may only be given but never bought. Sinners seek me but saints do not. (one word) What am I?
Answer: Forgiveness

Level 29: I will disappear every time you say my name. What am I?
Answer: Silence

Level 30: I have two bodies joined together as one. When standing still, I ran and ran. What am I?
Answer: Hourglass

Level 31: The more you take away from me, the bigger I shall get. What am I?
Answer: Hole

Level 32: I jump when I walk and sit when I stand. What am I?
Answer: Kangaroo

Level 33: I have fangs and enjoy piercing holes with a single bite. What am I?
Answer: Stapler

Level 34: I have three eyes and only one leg. Obey me or you will be sorry. What am I?
Answer: Traffic Light

Level 35: I have a straight back and sharp teeth to cut objects. What am I?
Answer: Saw

Level 36: You can catch me but cannot throw me. What am I?
Answer: Cold

Level 37: Taken from a mine and then locked up in a wooden case. Never released but used by students everyday. What am I?
Answer: Lead

Level 38: I can never be stolen from you. I am owned by everyone. Some have more, some have less. What am I?
Answer: Knowledge

Level 39: I am a mother from a family of eight. Spins around all day despite my weight. Had a ninth sibling before founding out its fake. What am I?
Answer: Earth

Level 40: The more you have me the less you see. Shine a light on me and I flea. What am I?
Answer: Darkness

Level 41: I turn everything around, but I cannot move. When you see me you see you! What am I?
Answer: Mirror

Level 42: Tear me off and scratch my head, what once red is now black. What am I?
Answer: Match

Level 43: I dance on one feet and knows only one shape. Someone with same name as me is very good with directions. What am I?
Answer: Compass

Level 44: Whoever made me don’t want me; Whoever bought me don’t need me. Whoever use me don’t know me. What am I?
Answer: Coffin

Level 45: When you take away the whole from me, there is always some left. What am I?
Answer: Wholesome

Level 46: I am a word. I become longer when the third letter is removed. What am I?
Answer: Lounger

Level 47: Born in the ocean and white as snow. When I fall back to water I disappear without a trace. What am I?
Answer: Salt

Level 48: As a state in America. I am round on both sides and high in the middle. What am I?
Answer: Ohio

Level 49: I am enjoyed by some, despised by others. Some take me for granted, some treasure me like a gift. I last forever, unless you break me first. What am I?
Answer: Marriage

Level 50: I am a king who’s good at measuring stuff. What am I?
Answer: Ruler

Level 51: I can wave my hands at you, but I never say goodbye. You are always cool when with me, even more so when I am high! What am I?
Answer: Electric Fan

Level 52: I start with “T”, ends with “T”, and within me is “T”. What am I?
Answer: Teapot

Level 53: My first half means container. Not a lot of people understand my language. What am I?
Answer: Binary

Level 54: I walk on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs at noon, and 3 legs at night. What am I?
Answer: Human

Level 55: I start with an E, end with an E, and have a letter in me. What am I?
Answer: Envelope

Level 56: If a man carries my burden, they will get crushed to death. Though not rich, I leave silver in my track. What am I?
Answer: Snail

Level 57: I have feathers that help me fly; with head and body but I’m not alive. Very skinny and a fixed length, how far I go depends on.
Answer: Arrow

Level 58: You heard me before, and then again. Afterward I die, until you call me again. What am I?
Answer: Echo

Level 59: I am free the first time and second time, but the third time is going to cost you money. What am I?
Answer: Teeth

Level 60: I always run but never walk, often murmur but never talk, have a bed but never sleep, has a mouth but never eat. What am I?
Answer: River

Level 61: Lighter than feather and softer than silk, yet the strongest man in the world cannot hold me for more than a few minutes. What am I?
Answer: Breath

Level 62: I am the place to turn when nature calls. What am I?
Answer: Bathroom

Level 63: Soft, hairy, from door to door. I am the pet that always stays on the floor. What am I?
Answer: Carpet

Level 64: I am quick when I’m thin. I am slow when I’m fat. Wind is my worst nightmare. What am I?
Answer: Candle

Level 65: I go in dry and come out wet. The longer I stay in, the stronger my surroundings get. What am I?
Answer: Tea Bag

Level 66: If you have me, you want to share me. Once you share me, you won’t have me. What am I?
Answer: Secret

Level 67: I have a head, tail, but no arms and legs. What am I?
Answer: Coin

Level 68: I am full of holes but still holds water. What am I?
Answer: Sponge

Level 69: I sit in a corner while traveling around the world. What am I?
Answer: Stamp

Level 70: I can run but not walk. Wherever I go, thought follows close behind. What am I?
Answer: Nose

Level 71: People need me yet they give me away every day. What am I?
Answer: Money

Level 72: I make a loud noise when changing jacket, becomes bigger and delicious. What am I?
Answer: Popcorn

Level 73: I am owned by the poor, the rich does not need me. If you eat me, you will die! What am I?
Answer: Nothing

Level 74: You do not want me when you don’t have me, but when you have me you don’t want to lose me.
Answer: Lawsuit

Level 75: With a halo of water and a tongue of wood, stone as skin long I stood. What am I?
Answer: Castle

Level 76: I am a kind of coat that can only be put on when wet. What am I?
Answer: Paint

Level 77: I have a ring but no fingers. I used to stay still all the time, but nowadays I follow you around. What am I?
Answer: Telephone

Level 78: I begin and have no end. Eventually I will be the ending of all that has begun. What am I?
Answer: Death

Level 79: I must be broken before you can use me. What am I?
Answer: Egg

Level 80: I stink in living but when dead smells good. What am I?
Answer: Pig

Level 81: My rings are not worth much, but they do tell my age. What am I?
Answer: Tree

Level 82: I climb higher as I get hotter. I can never escape from my crystal cage. What am I?
Answer: Mercury

Level 83: What force and strength cannot get through, I with my unique teeth can do. What am I?
Answer: Key

Level 84: I am pronounced as one letter, written with three. I come in blue, black, brown, or grey. Reverse me and I read the same either way. What am I?
Answer: Eye

Level 85: Kings and queens may cling to power, and the jesters may have their call. I am the most common but I can rule them all. What am I?
Answer: Ace

Level 86: I take off my clothes when you put on your clothes. I put on my clothes when you take off your clothes. What am I?
Answer: Clothes Hanger

Level 87: I may be made of metal, bone, or wood and have many teeth. My bite hurts no one and the ladies love me. What am I?
Answer: Comb

Level 88: I am not a toy, though many use me for pleasure. I have a butt, but I cannot poop. What am I?
Answer: Cigarette

Level 89: I can’t go left, I can’t go right. I am forever stuck in a building over three stories high. What am I?
Answer: Elevator

Level 90: I go up when the rain comes down. What am I?
Answer: Umbrella

Level 91: If you lose me you may cause people around me to lose me too. What am I?
Answer: Temper

Level 92: I beam, I shine, I sparkle white. I’ll brighten the day with a single light. I’ll charm and enchant all. I’ll bring the best in you all. What am I?
Answer: Smile

Level 93: I am a mountain at night, meadow at day. What am I?
Answer: Bed

Level 94: I am an instrument capable of making numerous sound but cannot be touched or seen. What am I?
Answer: Voice

Level 95: Cloud is my mother, wind is my father. What am I?
Answer: Rain

Level 96: I am black, white, and read all over. What am I?
Answer: Newspaper

Level 97: I run around the streets all day. Under the bed or by the door I sit at night, never alone. My tongue hangs out, waiting to be fed during the day. What am I?
Answer: Shoe

Level 98: I am constantly overlooked by everyone but everyone has me. What am I?
Answer: Nose

Level 99: I widen my jaws when you poke two fingers in me. I especially like to devour papers. What am I?
Answer: Scissors

Level 100: I live above a star who never burns. I have 11 neighbors but they never turn. My initial are p, q, r, and sometimes s. What am I?
Answer: Seven

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