Cielito Honeylet Avancena Duterte
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Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesperson have said that the mayor’s daughter Sara will assume the role of first lady when her father takes office. Sara Duterte, his only daughter by his first wife, who will also be Davao City’s mayor, will shuttle between Davao and Manila to attend state functions and accompany her father on foreign trips.

However, Cielito “Honeylet” Avanceña, Duterte’s common-law wife will be with him in Malacañang with their 11-year old daughter Veronica when he assumes the presidency in July 2016.

She said in an interview,

We’ll bring simplicity to Malacanang. Kung ano yung [usual] pagkain namin, ‘yun ang ise-serve.

She further said the Philippines will see a cost-efficient leadership when her partner becomes president and that Duterte is happy with just banana fritters and ginisang munggo.

Mura lang iyon. Makakatipid sa kaniya ang Pilipinas. Kung nasa gobyerno ka, you will have to be careful in spending,

Avanceña added.
Honeylet is 46 and is a nurse by profession. She runs several businesses in Davao, including doughnut franchises and a meat shop, apart from keeping house for her family.



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