miting de avanci 2016 elections


On May 7, 2016 national candidates vie for the people’s support in the miting de avance held by different parties headed by the Presidential candidates namely: VP Binay, Mayor Duterte, Senator Poe, Senator Santiago and Secretary Roxas in different places in Metro Manila.

While everybody is taking about the number of people who attended the miting the avance, here is a comparison of people who watched the live streaming hosted by These stats were taken right after the live streaming between 9:30-10:00 PM May 7, 2016.

VP Jemomar Vinay

Views: 2,584

Likes: 18

Dislikes: 306

miting-de-avance-binay1 miting-de-avance-binayPG

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Views: 64,540

Likes: 10,946

Dislikes: 195

Update: As of May 8, 2016, 3:00 PM

Views: 945,515

Likes: 14,811

Dislikes: 345

miting-de-avance-duterte miting-de-avance-duterte1

Senator Grace Poe

Views: 6,435

Likes: 124

Dislikes: 592

miting-de-avance-poe miting-de-avance-poe1

Secretary Mar Roxas

Views: 22,993

Likes: 741

Dislikes: 2,140

Update: As of May 8, 2016, 3:00 PM

Views: 129,106

Likes: 959

Dislikes: 3,325

miting-de-avance-roxas miting-de-avance-roxas1

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

No data found.


Photo credits: Facebook as posted and shared by different people


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