Congressman Leni Gerona Robredo

Camarines Sur Representative Atty. Leni Robredo has received more than 14 million votes, the frontrunner among the 5 Vice Presidential candidates in the 2016 elections. Because of this she was unfairly accused of cheating when her votes has overtaken the then frontrunner, Senator Bongbong Marcos, in the early counting.

Pro Marcos netizens begun to bash her, even minors who didn’t understand what the real issues are.

Who then is Congressman Leni Robredo? Here is a post by Millie Kilayko to get a glimpse of who this wonderful woman is.

Woman Under Siege

by Millie Kilayko

Because Leni Gerona Robredo is now under siege, so unfairly accused of so many wrong doings with bad luck wished upon her on a few Facebook posts (someone even wishing her to die in a plane crash the way her husband did) – all these at a time when the period of campaign and smearing is supposed to have ended, I just have say these words which follow.

Shortly after Typhoon Yolanda struck, I was informed that Jesse Robredo Foundation, through the initiative of Leni Robredo, wished to donate boats to fishermen who lost theirs to the typhoon, through NVC Foundation’s Peter Project. The number of boats involved wasn’t small at all, the total reached 160 motorized fishing boats.

Most of the boats were named Tabangay, and interestingly, none of the boats carried any name that was even close or remotely linked to the Robredo couple.

The boats were endorsed in a remote barangay in Eastern Samar, a “laylayan ng lipunan” that most people of Cong Leni’s stature would not visit, especially at a time when she yet had no intention of running for a national post.

But she was there. She attended the turnover of boats. And most of all, she spent time in conversation with the fishermen, obviously genuinely interested in them and their lives.

More than this, I had face to face encounters with Leni Robredo four times while she was on the campaign trail. And never, not even for a single moment, did she ever mention or request that the fishermen be revisited and requested to vote for her in return for her gesture of generosity.

In fact, I was within earshot at a time when she was passing through a heavy crowd and some men and women assisted by NVC Foundation (in another location) were pointed out to her. What I heard her say to them was, “Katulad nyo, tinulungan din kami ng NVC sa CamSur.”

At that moment, I realized one thing: that here is a woman whose humble heart is for the poor. This is a woman whose priority is her mission to help them. She looks at people, especially the poor, not as humans whose numbers are convertible to number of votes. She just embraces people as people, born in the image and likeness of God.

This is a woman whose entire life has simply been part of a personal mission and journey to provide a better life for others. A woman set out to fulfill that mission wherever her destiny brings her: be it law practice, or Naga’s first lady or an unintentional Congresswoman.

And because that is the way she is, it matters not to her what position she holds. She will help people wherever she will be, as she has done all her life. Thus she will never lie, or cheat or sell her soul to the devil to acquire a position.

Certainly, nothing in her past or present, or that of her spouse and family members, shows anything that indicates an inclination for dishonesty. I cannot say the same for her closest opponent.

Source: Facebook

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