duterte versus trillanes
On May 2, 2016, Mayor Duterte’s legal council and Senator Trillanes met with the BPI officials. No media was allowed inside and after the meeting every body walked out without giving statements (except a few remarks from Senator Trillanes) to the waiting public outside.

Here is what happened inside the closed door meeting as narrated by Willy Ramasola:

Due to insistent public demand, I’m making an objective and factual story of what happened during the face-off between Trillanes and Atty.Sal Panelo, who represented Duterte, at the BPI Julia Vargas branch.

Atty. Panelo arrived at the bank first and he brought with him a Special Power of Attorney authorizing him to open Duterte’s BPI accounts and to be shown to Trillanes.

Trillanes arrived shortly thereafter and brought with him his own sworn affidavit (see attached pics). In that document it says Trillanes got the info from a certain Joseph de Mesa who himself claimed to also have received the bank transaction details from a close relative who works in a detective agency.

trillanes affidavit duterte bpi account
If you read Trillanes’ affidavit it doesn’t indicate there his promise to withdraw from the vice presidential race and resign as senator if he is proven wrong.

Anyway, during the face-off, Attorney Panelo asked the BPI manager if the accounts of Duterte contains Php211 Million, she said no. In fact the statement was that these accounts were never credited with deposits amounting to Php211 million since account opening date until today.

When Atty. Panelo asked BPI to issue a certification to document the branch officer’s statement, he was told that BPI will study the legal aspect of such issuance because the standard certification only pertains to current account balance.

Going back to Trillanes, he wanted to check the transaction history of the account. However, since the Affidavit that he prepared was one-sided, Attorney Panelo asked him to sign another affidavit that will state that in the event the accounts indeed never contained deposits amounting to Php211Million or more at any given time since account opening, then Trillanes should subject himself to various sanctions provided by law.

Trillanes didn’t sign the document and walked out.

End of story.

Source: Willy Ramasola

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