Etta Rosales CHR Chairman and Josa Bernadeth Pinol

JB Piñol to Etta Rosales


By Josa Bernadette A. Piñol

(Note: When I woke up this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to read a post made by my second child, Josa Bernadette, a medical intern, where she shared her views on the raging issue of the feud between Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte and Human Rights Groups. I am sharing this post with you and I proudly say that this young doctor is capable of writing not just a medical prescription but also prescriptions to correct the ills of society. Manny Piñol)

Sinasabi ni Etta Rosales na Duterte, in his support of extrajudicial killings, is making a mockery of our justice system.

I disagree.

First of all, our justice system has always been a mockery long before the time of Duterte.

Matagal nang bulok ang hustisya natin. How many drug lords have walked away from prison just because of a simple phone call?

How many children of influential families have escaped incarceration because of their connections and political ties?

How many rapes, murders, massacres have gone unnoticed because the ones behind them are people with seats in public office?

Ilang bilanggo na ang nakapagconcert at nagjacuzzi sa presintong mas magara pa sa 5 star hotel?

Ilang Janet Napoles na ang dumaan at nakinabang sa kaban ng bayan nang hindi nahuhuli ng gobyerno?

Manang Etta, baka pwede pong tingnan nyo to sa ibang anggulo.

Duterte is not the enemy here. The justice system is. Rody Duterte is nothing but a mirror.

Baka galit ka kay Duterte kasi pinapakita nya ang totoo.

Maybe you dislike him because he is exposing the black, rotten, deep, dark, horrible, ugly truth. Maybe, just maybe, you’re upset because deep in your heart, you know it to be true.

And you just cannot accept the fact there here in the Philippines, justice does not exist.

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