Twitter puts ‘government-funded media’ tag on CBC account

Twitter puts ‘government-funded media’ tag on CBC account

One such account that got hit by this tag is none other than the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

CBC is Canada’s national broadcaster and has been operating for over eight decades, providing both radio and television programming to the nation. It is a crown corporation, meaning it is owned by the Canadian government. According to CBC, it was an unwarranted move by Twitter to tag them as government-funded media, as they have always maintained editorial independence from the government.

Twitter’s rationale behind this move is to bring more transparency to the platform; they believe this move will help the public to distinguish between genuine content and content generated or funded by governments. This step is a part of Twitter’s broader initiative to counteract misinformation and propaganda campaigns, which have become rampant on social media platforms.

The government-funded media tag will be displayed on Twitter profiles and tweets posted by news organizations that are primarily funded or supported by a government entity. It is worth noting that this tag is not limited to state-run broadcasters like CBC only; it could also apply to privately-owned media outlets that receive government funding or support.

The tag itself is not an outright ban or censorship, but it could have adverse effects on these organizations’ public image and social media marketing efforts. Being labeled as government-funded media on a public platform like Twitter may lead to a loss of audience trust, especially if the public misconstrues it as a form of government influence on media content.

For example, in authoritarian countries, states control the media entirely and use it as a tool to disseminate propaganda. In contrast, in democratic societies like Canada, the media is supposed to operate independently, free from government control. Placing the CBC under the same umbrella as state-run media organizations from authoritarian states could lead to Canadians thinking that the CBC is a propaganda vehicle for the Canadian government.

The CBC has long been regarded as Canada’s trusted source of news and entertainment, with millions of Canadians tuning into their programming daily. However, Twitter’s latest move has raised questions about the state of journalism and media independence in modern times.

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It’s not just CBC that is under the scrutiny of the government-funded media tag, as other state-run media outlets like Russia Today (RT) and the Chinese state-run Global Times have also been labeled as such. However, some media experts note that Twitter’s move could be counter-intuitive when it comes to trusted news sources.

Many journalists argue that labeling credible Canadian news organizations such as the CBC, with a government-funded media tag, is counterproductive. They claim that it is a form of disparagement, which could damage public trust in legitimate news media. It could lead to a slippery slope where legitimate news organizations are deemed propaganda tools of the government, regardless of the accuracy of their reporting.

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The move by Twitter has raised concerns both from media experts and the Canadian government. Canadian Minister of Heritage, Steven Guilbeault, tweeted that the CBC is a “pillar of democracy” and that the label was “totally unfounded.” Additionally, the Canadian Association of Journalists spoke out against Twitter’s tagging, stating that it could cause confusion and negatively impact media operations.

Ultimately, Twitter’s move raises a broader debate about media independence and how governments use media as a tool to disseminate propaganda. Social media platforms, including Twitter, are responsible for ensuring that users can distinguish between legitimate news and government propaganda.

In conclusion, while Twitter’s “government-funded media” tag may have been well-intentioned, it has sparked debates about censorship and the role of media in democratic societies globally. The tag could be seen as a negative label that could damage the credibility and reputation of legitimate news sources such as CBC. Social media platforms have a crucial role in preventing the spread of propaganda, but they must do so responsibly and ensure that media independence remains intact.

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  1. Its worth pointing out, and a friend pointed this out to me.

    Any public broadcaster where a right-wing party is in power (look at the UK with the tories) Elon is slapping them with the Publicly funded lable.. meanwhile, any country with a centrist or left-leaning leader (Canada, Australia) is getting slapped with the Government funded label, even if the funding model is the same

    this is blatant attempts at distrorting peoples views through his ownership of the platform to assist parties hes sympathetic to

    Also, by the criteria listed on Twitters own guidelines.. CBC falls under Publicly funded, not government funded

  2. Is he intentionally trying to sink the company? Does he get to write off some huge loss or something if it goes bankrupt? Why else would he drive away content creators like this?

  3. Hopefully they leave Twitter too.

    Twitter is not a valid source for anything anymore. The whole concept is ripe for the taking because any social media that remotely comes close to Twitter can easily take their place if enough companies join in

  4. Why are people still on Twitter is beyond me. It has to be because they want to witness live the downfall of one of the biggest social media platforms so they can say “I was here”.

  5. Can someone enlighten me as to why this is an issue though. I just googled and CBC is funded over 70% by the government. so the tag is true? if it’s government funded, why is the tag saying it’s government funded bad?

  6. I wish they made special ownership tags for politicians, so we can see whose words come out of their mouths, like “Sen. X – Big Pharma representative” or “Rep. Y – Insurance spokesperson” lol

  7. I’m pretty sure this is a ploy to get most of the neutral/left leaning media to quit the platform. He’s not stupid; he wants to leverage the Twitter brand and transform it into a right-wing platform with an existing user base that dwarves all those other failed attempts by GOP social platforms

  8. Basically Elon is gonna slap that on everything he disagrees with because he knows conservatives will just eat it up due to lack of critical thinking skills and their cult behavior.

  9. According to wikipedia the label is technically correct – CBC… is the Canadian public broadcaster for both radio and television. It is a **Crown corporation that receives funding from the government.**

  10. But if the organization takes government money it’s funded partially by the government.

    All other non Western media outlets have that same gov funded label , it shouldn’t be an issue.

  11. Technically all media in Canada is government-funded to an extent. All this is meant to do is make people lose confidence in democratic institutions. Otherwise a simple tag like “Taxpayer-funded” would have sufficed. But no, Twitter douche wants it to sound cynical.

  12. This comes after the Conservative party explicitly asked Elon to do it, if you need to see the handshake and high five to know what’s up. It’s especially worrying since the Conservative party is also planning to gut and/or destroy the CBC if they are elected.

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